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Group Health Benefits of America
Save $200 to $500 per employee / per month
ACA & ERISA Compliant Health Plans

Legally Avoids A & B Penalties

A - Rated  Insurance Carriers

100% of Claims Surplus Refunded to Employer

Comprehensive Group Dental, Vision, 
Life & Disability Available

Individual & Family Plans  
Nationwide PPO Networks: PHCS, First Health & Cigna
areas served: Florida and continental
United States.

hours of operation: 8 am to 8 pm
monday to saturday.

licenses held: health, life, annuity, dental & disability

time zone: gmt - 5, eastern

telephone toll-free: 888-480-3552

private policy:

terms and conditions
offerings: comprehensive group health benefits with return of 100% of unused claims surplus.

Direct Primary Care: Individual and group major medical benefits with any doctor / any hospital  coverage.

markets: private, institutional & municipal employers

regulatory: 100% ACA & ERISA compliant

insurance carriers: A rated by  
A M Best

ppo networks: first health, phcs , cigna & any doctor / any hospital

enrollment: unique employer branded online portal

billing & administration: online portal

unique features: up to 3 plans for employees to select per group.

extreme low price option:
low cost, cheap, affordable, discount
reduced premium major medical insurance for hourly and moderate income employees

company name
info: number of employees, renewal date, deductible, and more 
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New Health Care Plan Provides Big Savings to Virus Plagued Businesses!

by Blake Ryan on 03/24/20

Orlando area small business owners are feeling the pinch from the cornavirus pandemic. Customer traffic has dried up while overhead expenses continue.  Employers need help now especially when it comes to their health insurance premiums. The state and federal government has no plans to help employers pay their premiums.

However, one local insurance company, Group Health Benefits of America, Inc. may have the solution to lower healthcare insurance premiums. The company has developed an ACA compliant, PPO healthcare plan that rewards employers with the return unpaid claims surplus should claims be lower that expected. The employer does not take on any additional risk. Simply put, the employer is only responsible for their monthly insurance premiums. The insurance carriers are rated A by the nationally recognized AM Best rating agency for their claims paying ability.

Local business owners are experiencing saving of $200 to $500 per month per employee. The PPO healthcare plan is open for enrollment 365 days of the year.

The healthcare plan is accepting online applications from businesses that with 5 or more employees. The public is encourage to visit the corporate website or call directly at 888-480-3552 for additional information.

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